Regular SVLP Cuffed
  • Safe & effective airway management.
  • Suitable for general & emergency applications.
  • User friendly for anaesthetist & patients.
  • Easy insertion and less trauma.
  • Intended use for general anaesthesia, intensive care and emergency.
  • Airway management and mechanical ventilation.
  • Made from medical grade PVC and non-toxic material.
  • Effective design allows for easy connection to the suction line.
  • Right degree of stiffness, flexibility and kink resistance.
  • Smooth and soft distal tip to facilitate safe insertion.
  • Provided with radiopaque marking for correct tube placement.
  • Recommended for both oral and nasal placement.

Instruction for Use:

  1. Use aseptic technique.
  2. Test integrity before intubation.
  3. Inflate cuff with a luer-tip syringe then deflate air from cuff after test inflation.
  4. Ensure that the 15 mm connector is firmly attaced into the endotracheal tube.
  5. Perform intubation following the currently accepted handling of the product during intubation.
  6. Inflate cuff with sufficient air to provide an effective seal at the desired lung inflation pressure.
  7. Remove Luer-tip syringe from the valve to effect closing of the one-way valve.


       Packaging: 10 pcs. / box, sterile.